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Fred here, We are a Married couple, Wilma loves cock and I love to watch her fuck, Neighbor Barney frequently joins for a 3-sum or they will fuck while I watch or when I am working. I have trained Wilma since our first date, she sucked cock like a pro, and fucked like nympho, by nights end after the initial tears and lots of "stop that", she was whimpering thru her first explosive Anal Orgasm. When I took her home that night, She meekly asked if I would Assfuck her again. hearing that made my heart and cock swell with pride, I Ass Fucked her from behind as she bent over the car trunk. From that first night I have "owned her". On special occasions, Wilma's Birthday, Our anniversary etc, I bring some of the fellas home from the bar, or from bowling and we all join in for a No Holes Barred Wilma free for all. Wilma is an avid Barterer, we very seldom pay interest on anything we purchase, and according to our friends we ALWAYS get purchases much cheaper than anyone else. Wilma would love to try pussy, but Barney's Betty is a prude and is kept out of our Bed Rocking activities.

Wilma here. Fred is my Hubby and I abide by his wants and needs, he has taught me the joys of restraint and variety. Fred is a Wonderful teacher and I enjoy my place in our lifestyle. Fred loves Showing me off and Sharing me, and I enjoy his anytime, anywhere, anybody sense of adventure. I have a very visible to the public and stressful job, dealing with people and can not jeopardize that by showing my face. After work I relinquish my role of authority to Fred and become his submissive FuckToy. I Love being His, or as he says "Owned" by him. My pictures will show me over a 20 year span, so deal with it. I have always struggled with weight (I hate Cellulite) and still fluctuate in a 20-30 lbs. swing from winter to summer, my ass grows, by belly grows, but very seldom do my tiny boobs grow. So no FAT or Weight comments please. We have been advised to go easy on mentioning Dina. Suffice it to say our household includes a female version of the male Dino. Our versions tongue is fabulous and sends me over the fucking moon several times daily :-) . I love to switch up my hair styles and colors, so if you see purple don't freak, LOL. Fred introduced me to anal sex on our first date, I begged for a second AssFuck at nights end, by the end of our first week of dating, Fred and two of his buddies had dumped over 30 loads into my no longer virgin asshole. I met Fred way too late in my life and missed out on years of anal pleasure. Vaginal sex and orgasms are fantastic, but an Anal orgasm is to die for. Any girls reading this Try Anal with an experienced anal fucker first. You will become hooked. I have never understood why so many men shy away from assfucking. Try it guys, Your lady will love it. Masturbation, Multiple Cocks, DP's, being SpitRoasted, made AirTight and Sexy Female Feet are my passions. I also love to Barter, and in exchange for my pussy, ass and mouth I seldom pay full price for anything. Fred has never experienced me munching pussy, although I was quite the Rug Muncher in my younger days and have swallowed gallons of both male and female cum. My quest these days is Betty's virgin to a female tongue pussy. She is a prude that just needs to loosen the Fuck Up. I've just about got Barney talked into slipping her 3 or 4 Ambiens and allowing Fred and Myself to to join him and the Three of us have our way with her. I love my NJOY's and wear them constantly, if they offend you, too fucking bad, look elsewhere.


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